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Surplus stock wholesaler in Moroni, Comoros

Surplus stock wholesaler in Moroni

We export wholesale destocking of the biggest European brands in Comoros. We sell all categories of products relating to the building, construction and DIY markets.

Our suppliers are brands, manufacturers and international distributors located in Western Europe and more particularly in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy or Spain.

Our African customers are importers, purchasing groups, real estate developers, builders, architects but also wholesalers and discounters with stores or showrooms of varying sizes.

We resell our batches for export exclusively in Africa and in particular in Southern Africa, in the region of Moroni.

Every week we send an email to our customers including all our offers available for sale. The most responsive customers have priority over the deal.

Our batch product categories

electricity & home automation products for export to Moroni
tile & earthenware products for export to Moroni
Heating and plumbing products for export to Moroni
hardware & safety products for export to Moroni
light bulbs & lighting for export to Moroni
machinery & tools for export to Moroni
sanitary products for export to Moroni
kitchen products for export to Moroni

IEI, your supplier for your batch purchases to be imported into Comoros, in Moroni area.

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