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sell your surplus stocks in africa

sell your surplus stocks in africa


Our destocking company buy lots of depreciated goods in large quantities, then export them to the African continent. We are specialized in the sectors of the second work building, construction and DIY. We are commonly qualified as destockers, wholesalers, discounters, or exporters.

We buy bulk lots of unsold merchandise, dormant stock buyout, surplus products from manufacturers and distributors located in Western Europe, primarily France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy. We only work with new and packaged goods without defects.

We resell our batches for export exclusively on the African continent, in different geographical areas such as North Africa, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, but also in West Africa, Senegal, Côte d' Ivory, in Togo, Cameroon and Gabon. In southern Africa, we work with Madagascar and Mauritius. Our clients are importers, real estate developers, builders, purchasing groups and traders of varying sizes.

We study the offers of our suppliers within 24h - 48 hours mentioning a firm purchase offer. We buy Exworks and pay cash before removal.

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